Vera was born in Sardinia, enchanted by the sparkling colours of the sea and captivated by a life-long love for art and travels, during witch she allways collected vintage suggestive jewels from around the world.

She began to handpaint stricking precious gems on silk, always searching for a bold, luxury and imaginative aesthetic, able to tell in every drawing a timeless magic story.

Elaborated hand painted jewels, full of stories, passion and dreams, are inspired by suggestive ancient goldsmith traditions of her island and by the magical atmosphere of hight jewelry vintage masterpiece, to give life to artistic creations that reflect a solar and charismatic statement of identity.

The union between original fancy paintings and the skilled hands of the italian manufacturing tradition, is expressed into Vera Givèl's feminine accessories, where practicality, modernity and loving care for details coexist with the magnetic charme of an antique jewel, to celebrate every woman uniqueness through a sophisticated, irreverent and unconventional style.

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