"Front Row Collection" Taking inspiration from a faboulus catwalk show, this collection features a very fashionable girl, Chloe, so excited watching her favorite dresses between a a myriad of lights, wearing her fantastic jewels. Chloe's vintage style earrings became the leitmotiv to enlighten a very colorful capsule collection, eye catching, funny and incredibly sparkling, for a sophisticated and joyful touch of uniqueness.
"Victorian Darling Collection" Inspired by the magical atmosphere of a visionary ballroom in Paris, the style of jewelry and ribbons in vogue in the nineteenth century is reworked in a sensual and ironic way, by using a pop and joyful color palette. Eccentric and stylish illustrations are framed as small precious paintings on elegant brass clutches or small bijoux straps. To surprise and delight you.
"Diamonds Are Forever" collection pays homage to princesses of the past, glamorous icons and unforgettable divas of the golden age of Hollywood, mixing elegance and irony with handpainted free interpretations of precious stones, extravagant necklaces, and sensual, refined jewels, with a loving care for details. Graceful and daring little bags, with ironic and unconventional spirit, designed to dream, smile and make suggestive any autfit.
"Joyas" collection takes inspiration by some of the most beautiful Sardinian traditional jewels, mixed with lucky symbols, elaborated ornaments, eternal love promises and images of fantastic voyages under the sea surface. Dream and reality entwist in a magical universe of handpainted jewels, in balance between timeless bon ton and audacious and smiling soul. Inextricably linked to emotion.
"À la folie" collection is a tribute to a solar and ironic femininity, playing a joyful parisian appeal with focus on macro pendants and jewelry ribbons, à midi between a rococo past and a light-hearted and expressive modernity. Vibrant shades and sophisticated nuances enrich an enchanting limited edition, strongly connected to emotions beyond trends and seasons.
"Nature Temptation" with a magical extravaganza this collection is evoking the kingdom of nature inspired by the sunny Sardinia island. Charming prints on silk satin join the sparkling and bold aesthetic of bright colors in soft touch texture, for a dreamlike and super feminine style. Iridescent butterflies sparkle with sea colors reflections, while princely diadems shine on precious silks, illuminating every woman eclectic and solar side.

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